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Oceans Holyrood Initiative

Fascinating things are happening both above and below the high water mark in Holyrood.

At the Oceans Holyrood Initiative (OHI), our MISSION is to foster, enable and accelerate an Oceans Industries Community of Practice in the Holyrood region of Conception Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Guided by a multi-disciplinary Advisory Board of ocean technology, academic and economic development experts, and fueled by an ever-growing Marine Institute presence, our VISION is for the Region to become a diversified, self-sustaining “Community of Practice” in oceans-related research, education, training and business development. We’re already making waves and we’ve only just begun!

Here are just some of the exciting things happening right here in Holyrood:

  • OHI is being recognized as a highly innovative model for regional economic diversification.
  • Marine Institute’s renowned Centre for Applied Ocean Technology (CTec) has moved into the Holyrood Marine Base.
  • A multi-generation Vision (Charting our Course) will soon be presented to our many stakeholders.
  • Our many stakeholders are highly engaged.
  • The integration of Land Use Planning and Marine Spatial Planning has begun.
  • A new OHI Brand strategy has been developed, completed and launched.
  • Oceans-related companies have already begun to fill our available office space (The Beachhead).
  • An Oceans-centric business park concept is being developed.

Come Ashore to Holyrood. The kettle is on and we love talking about it!

We have an exciting business opportunity to announce in Holyrood!Phase 1 of our Ocean Innovative Centre has Newly Renovated Ocean Suites for Lease!