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The Town of Holyrood recognizes the value of its business community and is committed to working closely with local businesses and entrepreneurs to ensure success and longevity. Built on a solid foundation of determination and innovation, Holyrood has always looked to create businesses which provide reliable services and products to the public. Holyrood’s Economic Development Committee was created to identify and encourage strategic economic initiatives, and provide incentives,  guidance, and information to businesses and business owners.  No business is too small, no idea too fragile, The Town of Holyrood is open to working with you to make ideas become realities

Holyrood Advantage


Newfoundland’s own time zone gives you the ability to conduct business across European, North American, and Caribbean time zones.


Located only 35 minutes from St. John’s International Airport, world access is right on our doorstep.


Holyrood’s beautiful boardwalk provides easy access to scenic nature trails that calm the mind, or water sports like swimming, sailing, and fishing.


Located on the edge of North America, Holyrood provides easy access to over 100+ international shipping lanes.


Let our Business Development and Marketing Team help you get your business started in Holyrood


The Town of Holyrood provides assistance to businesses, organizations, community groups and educators with the opportunity to identify and secure funding opportunities for development and growth.

Starting or Expanding a Business

By working together, the Town of Holyrood  can help you start or expand your business in Holyrood. Whether you avail of the resources at the BeachHead Innovation Centre & Suites, the Blue Ocean Industrial Park, the Stores at Holyrood, or the Oceana Cold Ocean Research & Innovation Hub, you will be equipped with the tools and support for success.

Nice to meet you – we’re friendly, we’re accepting, and we’re motivated. Our team will get to know you on a first name basis to understand how we can help you and your business succeed.

Get to know Holyrood – whether you’re looking to open or expand a business, conduct research in the area, or make a lifestyle change and call Holyrood home, we have plenty of resources available to help make your decision. We will help you understand the benefits of our location, labour force, and lifestyle.

The business case – our team will work every step of the way to help solidify the business case for your move to Holyrood. Be it average salaries, labour availability, comparative and competitive analyses, we have the information you’ll need.

Come see for yourself – interested in travelling to the area to get a first-hand look? Let’s make it happen! We’ll create a custom itinerary for you and your team to view commercial spaces, shovel-ready lots, and tour future development sites, and organize meetings with the right groups and stakeholders to identify potential partnerships, synergies, and incentives. Come enjoy a day in the life so you can experience what it’s like to live, work, and play here.

Grow in Holyrood – once you’ve chosen Holyrood as your new home, we will continue to work with you to identify future growth opportunities. We’ll provide information on conferences and networking events, continuously suggest stakeholders and organizations that can work with you, and identify strategic resources that will make sure you succeed.

Tax Incentive Program
  • New business registering in the Town of Holyrood may apply for a 50% reduction in business taxes for the first 3 years of operation
  • Existing businesses registered in the Town of Holyrood who are physically expanding their business may apply for a 100% reduction in business taxes (for expansion only) for an additional 3 years