The Town of Holyrood has a complex water network consisting of 8 ground water wells and a 250 000 gallon storage tank:

  • Wells 1 & 3 are located on Liam Hickey Drive
  • Wells 5,6 & 7 are located next to the Softball field on Salmonier Line
  • Healey’s Well & Quinlan’s well are located on Woodford’s Station
  • O’Connell’s Well is located on Conception Bay Highway near the intersection to Ridge Road and Healey’s Cove Road

The storage Tank is located at the end of Tank Road on George Cove Mountain.

These wells and storage tank are all connected providing an expansive network sprawling over 31.5 km within the Municipality.

The Department of Infrastructure and Public Works promotes water conservation in the town. Notices will be posted on the Town’s website and mailed out to residents.