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The Holyrood Fire Department located at 5 Liam Hickey Drive is a Composite Fire Department consisting of highly trained/qualified career and volunteer members totalling approximately 30 members including both career and volunteer. Members train weekly and complete scheduled courses throughout each year and are fully committed to offering the best service possible to all residents and visitors throughout our response area. The Holyrood Fire Department responds to the following areas: Town of Holyrood, TCH from Salmonier Line to Butter Pot Provincial Park (Including the park), Salmonier Line until the Wilds Golf Resort including Deer Park area and all other side roads, Middle Gull Pond area and the NALCOR Soldiers Pond Site. Mutual Aid agreements are also currently in place with CBSFD. The Holyrood Fire Department also works closely with all other neighbouring Fire Departments.

Fire Department

The Holyrood Fire Department covers all but not limited to the following emergencies:

  •  Fire Responses – All fires and all forms of fires.
  •  Rescue – General calls for assistance such as Water/Ice Rescue, Ground Search & Rescue, Structural Rescue, Excavation Rescue and all other forms of Rescue.
  •  Emergency Medical – All supporting medical responses when requested.
  •  Auto/Vehicle Extrication – all forms.
  •  Acts of Mother Nature – Storms, Hurricanes, Snowstorms, Storm Surge/Tsunami.
  •  Fire Alarm Activation Response.
  •  Hydro Emergencies – In a supporting role to NL Hydro.
  •  Smoke Alarm Response – Residential, Commercial, and Industrial.
  •  Bush and Brush Fires – All forms within our response area and/or Mutual Aid.
  •  RCMP Assist – as requested.
  •  Ground Rescue – assisting other agencies when/if requested.
  •  Hazardous Materials Response. – to the Awareness/operations Level.
  •  Fire Prevention and Public Education.

Emergency: 911

Non-Emergency Inquiries: Holyrood Fire Station 709-229-7278

Interim Fire Chief: Leslie Kenny

Open Air Fires
  • The Holyrood Fire Department wishes to advise residents that Permits for Open Air Fires, for the purposes of burning brush and other non-prohibited materials are required within our response area. Permits may be obtained by calling 709-229-7278 or emailing the Fire Chief at evan.woodford@holyrood.ca.
  • Please note that individuals should also check with provincial authorities to ensure any planned outdoor burning activity is not in violation of local fire restrictions that may be in effect.
  • Residents are also required to obtain a permit from NL Forestry during Forest Fire Season.
Home Safety

Please take time to check smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. Keep all things that can burn, such as paper, bedding or furniture, at least 1 meter away from heating equipment. Stay in the kitchen when you are frying, grilling or broiling food. If you leave the kitchen for even a short period, turn off the stove. Ensure your family knows the best ways to get out of the home should a fire occur and discuss a family meeting spot for when you have safely exited the home. Residents are encouraged to visit www.firepreventionweek.org to get information on fire prevention and fire safety.

  • Smoke Alarm Tips
  • Escape Plan Safety tips
Search and Rescue
  • Educating the public about fire prevention
  • Responding to hazardous material emergency situations
  • Conducting inspections
  • Responding to medical emergencies and motor vehicle accidents

You must be physically fit to handle the sustained, intense, physical effort often required to perform these duties.

Teamwork is everything, whether it is sharing routine tasks at the fire station or providing fire-fighting services at an emergency scene. Firefighters depend on each other to successfully perform their duties.

Fire fighting is not a 9-to-5 job. It is a 24 hours a day, seven days a week public service. It involves responding to emergency situations whenever required including nights, weekends and holidays.

Volunteer Fire Department Application Form

Do you have an ADT Alarm System?

To serve you better in the event of an emergency, please register the civic address of your residence or business at which the ADT Security System is located. To register please contact the Town Office (709-229-7252)

Forest Fire Season

Residents Encouraged to Act Responsibly During Forest Fire Season

Residents of Newfoundland and Labrador are reminded of the regulations that come into play with the start of the official forest fire season, which begins on the island May 1, and in Labrador, May 15.

During forest fire season a permit to burn is required, at no cost, for lighting outdoor fires for the purpose of clearing land or burning brush within 300 meters of a forest. The lighting of fires for cooking and camping does not require a permit, but certain forest fire regulations must be followed. Permits and regulations can be obtained at the regional or district forest management offices around the province. A list of offices can be found. Information on the forest fire season is available.

The Provincial Government operates a fleet of six waterbombers and four light helicopters which are strategically situated around the province? Two in Gander and one each in Deer Lake, St. John’s, Happy Valley-Goose Bay and Wabush – and available to respond should the need arise. If extra firefighting resources are required, the department will avail of the Mutual Aid Resources Sharing Agreement (MARS) that provides for the sharing of firefighting resources among provinces.

The Department of Natural Resources has seasonal forest firefighters stationed throughout the province. The number to report a fire is toll-free 1-866-709-FIRE (3473), and is available in all areas of the province during forest fire season.

Fire Department Members
Leslie Kenny Interim Fire Chief
Evan Woodford Fire Chief (On Leave)
Gerard Penney Deputy Fire Chief
DJ Wall Assistant Deputy Fire Chief
Mark Maloney Captain
Kyle Hawco Captain
Brandy Ralph Lieutenant
Nick Jarvis-Butler Acting Lieutenant
Teresa Fairbridge Acting Lieutenant
Emily Boland Firefighter
Brittney Power Firefighter
Tom Johnston Firefighter
Matthew Cooper Firefighter
Jennifer Whitty Firefighter
Andre Whitty  Firefighter
Jon Piercey Firefighter
Patrick O’Brien Firefighter
Jon O’Connor Firefighter
Taner Whitty Firefighter
Tiffany Ring Firefighter
Jade Whitty Firefighter
Erica Murphy Firefighter
Andrea Dooley Firefighter
Stephanie Saunders Firefighter
Trevor Rideout Firefighter
Paul Evoy Firefighter
Jerrica Cull Firefighter
Chris Brenton Firefighter
Dylan Pardy Recruit
Charlie Kennedy Recruit
Andrew O’Connor Recruit