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Holyrood has a complex sewer system network that provides this vital service to residents connected to the system.

Through the Public Works Department, the Municipality provides water and sewer to those connected to the water and sewer networks. The Town is responsible for the maintenance to both systems, water quality checks are conducted daily by trained Public Works Staff, wastewater effluent safety checks are provided by a certified third-party firm, we are meeting both federal and provincial regulations for wastewater effluent.

Wells and Septic Systems

Wells and Septic systems are the responsibility of the individual property owner. Information on wells and septic systems can be obtained from the Provincial Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. For more information please visit https://www.gov.nl.ca/dgsnl/licenses/env-health/septic/less/ 


System 1
The network provides service to residents from:

  • Top of Taplin’s Hill to the intersection of Thermal Plant Road along the Conception Bay Highway.
  • The RCMP building on Salmonier Line to the Conception Bay Highway.
  • North Side Road from the School to Conception Bay Highway
  • The developed area of Liam Hickey Drive around the Fire Hall and Library
  • Numerous branch lines along this network.

System 1 consists of:

  • Waste Water treatment plant on Byrne’s Road.
  • Lift Station on North Side Road
  • Lift Station on Conception Bay Highway near the main beach
  • Lift Station on Brien’s Road
  • Lift Station on McGrath’s Road, Marina Shores
  • Lift Station on Conception Bay Highway near the Thermal Plant Road Intersection.
  • 18 km of sewer and force mains
System 2
The networks provides service to residents from:

  • The Irving in North Arm to Boland’s outfall
  • Woodford’s Station

System 2 consists of:

  • Boland’s Outfall from Conception Bay Highway
  • 2 km of sewer main
System 3
The network provides service to residents from:

  • Ridge Road / Healey’s Road / Bog Lane / Healey’s Road / Healey’s Cove Road / Cove Road

System 3 consists of:

  • Healey’s Cove Outfall
  • 5 km of sewer main
System 4

The network provides service to:

  • Country Path.

System 4 consists of:

  • Three abydoz sewage treatment locations
  • 0.65 km of sewer main.

Combined these networks expand 23.15 km throughout the Municipality providing service to residents through various systems.