Voters List – Municipal By-election

In anticipation of the upcoming municipal by-election, residents are encouraged to check to see if they are on the voters list.

If you are a Canadian citizen, over the age of 18, and a resident of Holyrood as of January 28, 2024, you are eligible to vote in the municipal by-election on February 27, 2024.

To prepare for an election, the Town receives the voters list from the Permanent List of Electors provided by Elections NL via an information sharing agreement. Town staff then cleanse the data based on property sales or changes in ownership to update the voters list. Individuals who have recently moved to the Town, recently turned 18 years of age, or changed their name may not be included on the voters list.

To enquire whether you are on the voters list, please contact Marie at (709) 229-7252 ext. 203.