Wellness Programs

Zumba with Donna Nolan
Location: Royal Canadian Legion
Date: Every Monday and Thursday
Time: 6:30pm
Cost: $9.00 Drop-In Fee
$6.00 New Member First Class
Registration: For full details please visit “Zumba with Donna” on
Facebook or email donnanolan50@gmail.com.

Shaolin Kung Fu
Location: Star of the Sea
Date: Every Monday and Wednesday
Time: 6:15pm
Cost: 1 Class/Week: $50.00 | 2 Classes/Week: $85.00
Registration: email: cevans@tri-plan.com Phone (709) 725-1799
Join instructor Chris Evans, 3rd degree black belt with over 37 years
of experience for Shaolin Kung Fu. The goals and learning objectives
of this program are exercise (keep in shape with running, push-ups,
sit-ups, etc.), confidence, discipline, teamwork, fun, self-defense,
kicking & punching techniques and more. Family Rates Availabl.

Limitless Fitness *New Adult Fitness Program*
with Instructor Jenny Temple
Location: Holy Cross Gymnasium
Date: Thursday Nights Starting September 28
Time: 7:00pm
Cost: One Time Drop-In: $13 | 10 Class Pass: $100
Registration: https://www.dharmayogajen.com/
Holyrood’s new exercise program emphasizes the concept of
smart workouts to optimize longevity. This program incorporates
a variety of exercises for cardiovascular health, strength training,
and flexibility. To achieve comprehensive health benefits, instructor
Jenny Temple will use a diverse range of modalities such as HIIT,
foundation training, strength training, yoga, obstacle training circuit,
tabata etc. Everyone welcome to join.