Swimming Pool Registry

The Town of Holyrood would like to remind all its citizens who either own a pool or who intend on installing one the rules that apply to all swimming pools, existing permanent pools with existing fence enclosures are considered “Grandfathered” in.

Indeed, to reduce the risk of drowning, the Town of Holyrood has security measures around all residential pools. As such, it is important that all Holyrood pool owners affected by this policy take note of the rules to make sure their installation is up to standards set by this policy.

The Town will be implementing a pool registry and encourage all residents to sign up if they have a permanent or pop-up pool.

 The Registry: Please complete the below form

Will provide residents with permanent or pop-up pools with the swimming pool   policy for their knowledge.

Will provide the town with direct access to all residents with pools in times of  water issues such as water conservation notices or lower than normal aquafer levels that affects reservoir levels on the Town water supply network.

Will also be used to remind residents to arrange the filling of the pool with the Public Works Department as pool filling affects the town water supply.

The Holyrood reservoir tanks holds 250,000 gallons, each foot of water in the tank is approximately 8333 gallons, 8333 gallons/foot.

The chart on the following page provides a variety of pool sizes and the volume of water required to fill each size. From the chart it can be noted that an 18’ diameter pool 52” in height is the equivalent to one foot of water in the reservoir tank, a significant volume of water.

When residents fill their pool, without notifying the Town, on many occasions multiple pools are being filled simultaneously, the town aquafer and reservoir levels reflect the additional usage. Without prior knowledge of pools being filled Public Works recognize the additional usage and start investigating for potential leaks in the system. Leak detection efforts are costly and require countless hours of Public Works resources, knowledge of pool filling would vastly reduce or eliminate leak detection efforts all together.

Click here for Swimming Pool Chart

All pool filling activities shall be coordinated with the Department of Infrastructure and Public Works to minimize the effects on the water network, nighttime filling is preferred. All pools shall be filled by June 15th starting in 2024, this will reduce the impact filling pools have on the town’s water supply during the summer months.


A hot tub with a locking lid does not require a swimming pool fence therefore does not require a permit.


Swimming Pool Registry Form