Municipal By-Election – Vote by Proxy Information

In accordance with section 27 of the Act, to vote by proxy simply means that another qualified voter in the same municipality votes on behalf of an “impeditive voter” as defined by subsection 2(1) of the Act.

An impeditive voter can request a proxy application from the Returning Officer. The Returning Officer can only provide a proxy application directly to the impeditive voter or to his or her designated proxy.

In order to vote by proxy, an impeditive voter or his or her proxy must return the proxy application to the Returning Officer outlining who is being designated as the proxy voter not later than 4:00 p.m. on Monday, February 26, the day before the election.

Upon receiving such an application, and being satisfied that the requirements for proxy have been complied with the Returning Officer shall issue a Proxy Certificate.

This Proxy Certificate must be provided to the Returning Officer or Deputy Returning Officer at the polling division by the designated proxy voter before he or she can vote on behalf of the impeditive voter.

It should be noted that no more than one Proxy Certificate can be issued for any one impeditive voter for an election unless the designated proxy dies or is unable to cast a vote because of illness or mental incapacity.

No person can act as a proxy voter for more than one impeditive voter in any one election.

Those interested in voting by proxy should contact Returning Officer, Marjorie Gibbons, by phoning (709) 229-7252 ext. 205, or by emailing as soon as possible.  For those working on rotation, or those individuals unable to attend the Advance Poll on February 24, 2024 and the Municipal By-Election on February 27, 2024, accommodations will be made to accept all required documentation by email if necessary.