Please Refrain from Feeding Waterfowl- Marina Area

In recent weeks there have been a significant number of ducks congregating on the southside of the Marina. In discussions with the Canadian Wildlife Services, we ask all residents and visitors of the area to refrain from feeding the ducks as they are starting to become domesticated. Feeding ducks human food, such as bread, can affect their digestive system and make them ill. Ducks are a resilient animal and feed well in their natural environment. Removing this food source will help get these animals get back into their natural habitat. If you notice waterfowl or any other wildlife that looks to be sick, injured, or deceased please contact the Provincial Wildlife Enforcement Division (Paddy’s Pond) by calling (709) 685-7273. If your have further questions regarding the waterfowl and public safety, please contact the Canadian Wildlife Services by calling (709) 772-5585. Please take the time to view this beautiful area and the wildlife, but please refrain from feeding them while you do so.