Fire Ban in Effect- Tuesday, July 18

⚠️ FIRE BAN – MONDAY, JULY 17, 2023 ⚠️

The Forest Fire Index for our response district is currently listed as Moderate, however high daytime temperatures coupled with low precipitation levels pose a risk to the development, growth, and spread of wildfires.

Effective immediately a Fire Ban is in place for the municipality of Holyrood and all areas within the Holyrood Fire Departments response district, including Salmonier Line, Deer Park, and Middle Gull Pond areas.

The use of wood burning back yard fire pits, charcoal bbq, and fireworks are prohibited during the ban. The use of propane bbq and propane firepits are allowed.

Weather conditions are creating drier forest conditions. The risk of surface fires starting and spreading has increased. Wildfires may be expected, but control is usually not difficult. Activities on forested land should be conducted with caution.

The Holyrood Fire Dept. is monitoring the Forest Fire Index and we will provide updates to the public as they become available.