Bulk Garbage Collection Cancelled – Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Mayor and Council would like to inform the public that the Bulk Garbage Collection scheduled for Wednesday, March 1st has been cancelled.

Members of Council have heard the concerns from residents over a bulk garbage clean-up in the middle of Winter and has made several attempts to address the date with the Eastern Regional Service Board (ERSB). As the ERSB manages the contracted service providers for waste removal in Holyrood, they control all community collection scheduling including bulk garbage pick-ups.

Shortly after the release of the 2023 collection schedule, Council disclosed concern to the ERSB over the scheduled pick-up date. The Town was notified that bulk garbage scheduling occurs on a rotation each year and due to contracts with the service provider, the planned date of March 1st cannot be changed. With the high levels of snow and ice formed along driveways and roads, Council is erring on the side of caution and cancelling the bulk garbage pick-up scheduled for March 1st in the interest of public safety.

Council apologies for the inconvenience on this matter and thanks the public for its patience at this time. The next opportunity for bulk garbage removal will be Wednesday, August 30. Details around bulk garbage pick-up and your regular weekly pick-up can be found by visiting: www.easternregionalserviceboard.com