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Emergency Water Ban In Effect

July 19, 2021

The Water Ban applies to ALL uses of water in the Town of Holyrood.

Due to the recent high temperatures and lack of precipitation the Town of Holyrood is IMMEDIATELY declaring a water ban to include:

  • Watering Lawns- all lawns both new and existing
  • The watering of flowers, VEGETABLES, TREES, scrubs, etc. (IT is recommended that residents save and use household water for this purpose)
  • The use of water for outdoor swimming pools, splash pads and other watertoys.
  • The washing of driveways, VEHICLES, siding, windows etc.

Presently our water tank level is below 50% capacity, and we need to act now to ensure we can continue to provide water to residents and business. The Town anticipates that these measures will be in place for a short period of time, and we kindly ask for everyone’s cooperation. By working collectively to address this water issue we will be in a position to return to our regular use and consumption without further measures.

The Town of Holyrood regrets having to take this measure; however, our water is a valuable resource, and we need to take every action necessary to ensure we respect it and use it wisely. We ask for your understanding and your patience