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Water Notice

June 5, 2017

Please be advised that over the weekend, the Town experienced another leak in the water infrastructure and are still working to identify others.

In order to locate the leak, town staff will be turning off main waterlines. Beginning tonight, there may be water interruptions between 11:00 pm and 3:00 am to isolate areas.

If your water is turned off and once it is back on, you may experience air and/or dirty water, please run your bathtub tap or an outside tap for a few minutes and it should clear.

All areas of the town except Woodfords Station and west of O’Connell’s Well (just past North Arm Irving) may be affected.

Until the town water resources return to normal, we ask everyone’s cooperation in the following:

  • No filling up of swimming pools no matter what size
  • No watering of existing lawns
  • No watering of trees, shrubs, flowers and gardens
  • No washing of vehicles
  • No use of water toys, waterslides and water sprinklers
  • No washing of paved driveways
  • No washing of siding and windows
  • No watering of new lawns and plantation

The town apologizes for any inconvenience this disruption may cause.

Residents & Businesses will be notified as soon as the water levels improve and the ban is lifted.