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Water Ban Issued for all Residents

July 22, 2016

                                       To all Residents & Businesses of Holyrood

Please be advised that over the past week we are experiencing a demand of extra water usage to the extent of 50,000 gallons and more per day- far exceeding normal usage.

This extra water usage is placing heavy demands on the water treatment plant and all wells.

In addition to the Towns usual Domestic Water Conservation Plan we are raising the level of concern and implementing a full water ban

 As of 2 pm today we ask everyone’s cooperation in the following:

  • No filling up of swimming pools no matter what size
  • No watering of existing lawns
  • No watering of trees, shrubs, flowers and gardens
  • No washing of vehicles
  • No use of water toys, waterslides and water sprinklers
  • No washing of paved driveways
  • No washing of siding and windows
  • No watering of new lawns and plantation

 Staff will continue to monitor water levels and decisions will be made accordingly, however a water ban is in place until further notice. Please conserve water and keep water usage to domestic needs.

The town apologises for any inconvenience this disruption may cause.

Residents & Businesses will be notified as soon as the water levels improve and the ban is lifted.