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March 26, 2014

We are in the process of notifying the Provincial Parks and Natural Areas Division of concerns that may need to be addressed on the T’Railway. The T’Railway is not the responsibility of the town, it is a provincial park under the Department of Environment and Conservation- Parks and Natural Areas Division but we work in partnership to address concerns.

Both the Town of Holyrood and the Parks & Natural Areas division have agreed to complete an assessment of the T’Railway from the east to the west boundary within the Town of Holyrood jurisdiction.

We welcome your input by reporting to Department of Environment (trailway@gov.nl.ca) any issue or concerns you may have with the condition of the T’Railway (re: vegetation, washouts, dips, other obstructions  or any other safety concern). When reporting, please identify the area as best as you can. Pictures also accepted.

We encourage you to copy the town on any correspondence that you may forward to the Department of Environment by emailing info@holyrood.ca

By working together, we hope to improve the condition of the T’Railway so that all users can safely enjoy this provincial park space.