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George Cove Mountain

The cross on George Cove Mountain is symbolic of Holyrood – Holy Cross ( “Holyrode” is interpreted by some historians to mean “Holy Cross” from the ancient Saxon word “rode” meaning “staff or cross.”).

In WWII, while the American Forces were stationed at  Navel Air Station Argentia, they decided to erect a cross on George Cove Mountain. They constructed a large wooden cross and mounted it securely at the top of the mountain. The Cross stood for many years but due to eventual deterioration, it gave way to a north westerly gale.

The initial idea was that the “Cross on the Hill” would last only for the duration of Come Home Year but it stood there from 1966 until the winter of 1992. On June 30, 1992, the George Cove Mountain Cross was  restored. The town continues to maintain it as a welcoming light to all who approach Holyrood by land, sea or air.

In 1999, the Town constructed a hiking trail which leads to the cross at the peak of the mountain. Visitors are strongly encouraged to walk the trail and obtain a beautiful and powerful view of Holyrood that will remain with oneself forever.

Beach Boardwalk

Located in the heart of town the Boardwalk has become a centerpiece of the Holyrood. Take an early morning stroll along the waterfront or just sit and watch the sailboats on a warm summer evening.

Murray’s Peak

Breathtaking views await you at the top of Murray’s Peak. After an invigorating climb, stop and taking in panoramic views of Conception Bay and Hawke Hills Ecoological Reserve.

This trail is still under development.


We will see more development along the scenic T’Railway as we continue to execute on our Regional Recreation Plan. So, be sure to keep abreast of happenings as this exciting project unfolds.

March 26, 2014

We are in the process of notifying the Provincial Parks and Natural Areas Division of concerns that may need to be addressed on the T’Railway. The T’Railway is not the responsibility of the town, it is a provincial park under the Department of Environment and Conservation- Parks and Natural Areas Division but we work in partnership to address concerns.

Both the town and the Parks & Natural Areas division have agreed to complete an assessment of the T’Railway from the east to the west boundary within the Town of Holyrood jurisdiction.

We welcome your input by reporting to Department of Environment (trailway@gov.nl.ca) any issue or concerns you may have with the condition of the T’Railway (re: vegetation, washouts, dips, other obstructions  or any other safety concern). When reporting, please identify the area as best as you can. Pictures also accepted.

We encourage you to copy the town on any correspondence that you may forward to the Department of Environment by emailing info@holyrood.ca

By working together, we hope to improve the condition of the T’Railway so that all users can safely enjoy this provincial park space.