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Recreation Infrastructure

The Town of Holyrood recognizes the importance of play, activity, and well-being! Below is a current list of all Parks, Playgrounds, and Trails located around the Town:


Salmonier Line Community Playground

This outdoor facility located on Kennedy’s Road Extension (off Salmonier Line) contains a large 5-12 and tot play structure, swing sets, and a modern climbing unit. The park also contains an open green space for exploratory play and a paved walked track for parents to get exercise while their children are at play.

Holy Cross Elementary Playground

Holy Cross Elementary was pleased to introduce the new playground to students and residents in 2012. Fundraising efforts on behalf of the students and staff with corporate help from Hickey’s Building Supplies and the Town of Holyrood allowed the school to install this great structure. This is a large tot and 5-12 play structure complete with a set of swings and a large green space.

Marina Shores Playground

Holyrood’s newest playground! This tot and 5-12 play structure is located in the scenic Marina Shores Development on Eagle Drive.

North Arm Playground – Coming Soon


Skate & Scooter Park

In 2013, Holyrood Town Council approved the purchase of a NEW Skate and Scooter Park for Holyrood. The design includes 2 bank ramps, 1 grind rail, 2 quarter pipes, 1 skate bench and a speed track for bikes and scooters. This new piece of infrastructure will be located off Kennedy’s Road Ext. next to the Tennis Court just off Salmonier Line. Below is the design that will be installed Summer 2014!

Holy Cross Swim Park

The accessible Holyrood Swimming Park is well known throughout the Avalon Peninsula as an excellent place to bring your family for a day of swimming, sunbathing and picnicking. Located about 1 km from the Conception Bay Highway on the Holyrood Access Road, Holy Cross Swim Park provides clean and safe swimming for young and old alike. A new accessible concrete enclosed pool is available for young children and those with a disability as our deep section is located in the main part of Maher’s River for the more advanced swimmer. Holy Cross Park also has a new accessible boardwalk that leads to our brand new canteen and bathroom facility   During the summer months, park attendants are on duty at the front gate daily from 11:00am-7:00pm. Admission fee to the park is $2.00. Please note that Pets are prohibited from entering the park.

Each Saturday, Holy Cross Park plays host to the Holy Cross Park Music Series with live entertainment between 2pm and 4pm for 8 weeks. Check back in May for our complete Holy Cross Park Music Series

For summer camp and group bookings! Contact recreation@holyrood.ca for more information.


Salmonier Nature Park

The layout of the Park is based on a nature walk. The animals are in large natural enclosures scattered along the park trail, which allow visitors to see animals that are part of their natural surroundings, not divorced from them, and which also encourage visitors to feel they are part of these surroundings. Salmonier Nature Park takes people into the landscape where the animals are displayed in settings that are as natural as possible.

Aside from the 40 hectares of the park containing the nature trails and animal displays, there is an additional 1415 hectares which is undeveloped. This area, which abuts the Avalon Wilderness Reserve, includes mature boreal forest, barrens, peatlands and the headwaters of Salmonier River. Within the park, 84 species of birds, 15 species of mammals and over 170 species of vascular plants have been recorded. The area affords splendid opportunities for field research in a well protected and managed environment.

Average annual visitation has more than doubled in the last four years, with an average of 40,000 visitors per year, approximately 5,000 of which consist of school groups in the Spring and Fall. The final report of the Newfoundland and Labrador Product Market Match Study indicated that Salmonier Nature Park was second only to the city of St. John’s as one of the top five tourist attractions likely to generate overnight in-province travel.

The role of the park is to help visitors gain an understanding and appreciation for wildlife and the natural community it inhabits. This role is based on the premise that it’s difficult to appreciate that which you don’t know.

Sports Fields

Centennial Park Soccer Field

Holyrood runs its CBC Summer Soccer Program from the Centennial Park Soccer Field located on Kennedy’s Road Extension. This is located just off Salmonier Line. This program that allows children aged 3 – 16 to participate in various soccer games and activities.  For program information please view our Community Program section or view our Summer Community guide. Please note these opportunities do not come out until Spring 2015

Centennial Softball Field

Centennial Softball Field is located on Salmoiner Line. This regulation sized softball field is great for both Junior and Senior play. This field plays host to the CBC Softball Program each year. Please see our Community Program section for more information on the program. To rent the field please contact 229-7252 or email info@holyrood.ca 

Walking Trails

Holyrood Boardwalk

One of Holyrood’s most prized possessions is the Boardwalk. Lining the front of our famous horse-shoe harbour, the Holyrood board walk is a great place to take an ocean-side walk, a great place to gaze at eagles and whales, and a great place  to relax and take in the impressive view and sunset! Each summer, you can see Holyrood’s Boardwalk packed with residents and tourists throughout the day. If visiting, make sure you get to take the walk, it’s one you’ll always remember!


George Cove Mountain Trail

The cross on George Cove Mountain is symbolic of Holyrood – Holy Cross ( “Holyrode” is interpreted by some historians to mean “Holy Cross” from the ancient Saxon word “rode” meaning “staff or cross.”).

In WWII, while the American Forces were stationed at  Navel Air Station Argentia, they decided to erect a cross on George Cove Mountain. They constructed a large wooden cross and mounted it securely at the top of the mountain. The Cross stood for many years but due to eventual deterioration, it gave way to a north westerly gale.

The initial idea was that the “Cross on the Hill” would last only for the duration of Come Home Year but it stood there from 1966 until the winter of 1992. On June 30, 1992, the George Cove Mountain Cross was  restored. The town continues to maintain it as a welcoming light to all who approach Holyrood by land, sea or air.

In 1999, the Town constructed a hiking trail which leads to the cross at the peak of the mountain. Visitors are strongly encouraged to walk the trail and obtain a beautiful and powerful view of Holyrood that will remain with oneself forever.

Murray’s Peak

Breathtaking views await you at the top of Murray’s Peak. After an invigorating climb, stop and taking in panoramic views of Conception Bay and Hawke Hills Ecoological Reserve.


Community Garden

The Town of Holyrood has developed a concept design for a new Community Garden. The garden which will be located on Salmonier Line, will include raised beds that will be used for community group use and rental purposes, event space, a cooking hut, compost centre and an outdoor pizza oven. This garden will generate new inter-generational programming for Holyrood as all age groups will benefit from this project. Please click the link below to view the concept:

Community Garden Concept