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Paving Tender

October 7, 2015

Canada/Newfoundland Infrastructure Program Agreement

Invitation to Tender

Tenders will be received up to the date and time indicated below for the following project:

Project # 620603 Upgrading & Paving of local roads, Town of Holyrood

Purchase Price: $50.00 +tax

Closing Date: October 15th, 2015 at 14:00 hours


Upon receipt of the purchase price indicated above, (Non-refundable HST included) plans and specifications may be obtained from The Town of Holyrood’s Municipal Office at 34 Salmonier Line, Holyrood, NL, Canada, phone 709-229-7252 and fax 709-229-7269. Tenders addressed to the Town of Holyrood must be delivered to the Town of Holyrood’s Municipal Office at 34 Salmonier Line, Holyrood, NL, Canada, A0A 2R0 (Ph. 709-229-7252, fax 709-229-7269), and be submitted on forms and in sealed envelopes provided, clearly marked as to the contents. Tenders will be opened immediately after the tender closing time.

The Tender Documents shall be read in conjunction with the Municipal Water, Sewer and Roads Master Construction Specifications, latest revision, as published by the Department of Municipal Affairs Province of Newfoundland and Labrador. This publication is available on the Department’s web site under Publications at the following link:


The scope of this work generally involves Upgrading and grading the gravel base and surface asphalt

A bid of security of 10% will be required. The owner does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender for the project.