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Ocean’s Holyrood Initiative Seeking Consulting Services

April 8, 2022

The Town of Holyrood (Town) requires the professional services of a Consultant (Consultant) to review the present status of the Oceans Holyrood Initiative (OHI) and its ability to influence the overall development of the Ocean sector within the province and beyond. The Town requires that the Consultant identify how the Town can develop partnerships to communicate its valuable position as home of the Launch and the Dr. Arthur May Research Facility.

The Town has identified the oceans sector as its strategic economic driver and has engaged with Marine Institute (MI) of Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador (Memorial) to promote ocean related research and development.

The Consultant must gather and analyze data and prepare a flow chart which can be used to proactively attract ocean sector investment and business development to the Town.

The Town expects that the Consultant will identify and engage with a variety of stakeholders to ensure a clear understanding of the sector and the project goals. The Town has ties with organizations at the Federal, Provincial, and Municipal levels of government which the Consultant may utilize. The Town will identify general stakeholders in the ocean sector which the Consultant may find beneficial during project development. The Consultant must consider the community, and other local stakeholders, during project development.

Those interested can view the full details by clicking: Consultant Services 2022 OHI