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MP. Ken McDonald Announces new funding for Conservation Efforts of Maher’s River

August 23, 2017

MP. Ken McDonald was in Holyrood on Tuesday to announce funding to improve research and conservation efforts of Maher’s River and improvement’s to the Maher’s River Fishway located at Holy Cross Park.  The objective of the two projects is to promote public awareness and education to ensure we protect the future of the local salmon population.  The expectation is to design and construct a fishway which will allow the migration of Atlantic salmon and trout species to their natural habitat upstream of the Holy Cross Swim Park. This initiative is a clear indication of the commitment of Council to ensure decisions reflect an awareness of environmental priorities and protection.

Mayor Goobie stated “We have already witnessed the early success of the initiative from the gathering of bugs last year to help access the behaviour of the fish inhabitants of Mahers River. The students at the park were engaged in the collection under the supervision of Mr. McCarthy and the actual activity of collection became a real interest for all the park staff – a real time intervention into the value of protecting our environment.”

The funding will allow the Town to continue it’s conservation work, through Mr. McCarthy at Maher’s River.  It is a real opportunity to lead the way for communities to grow and develop, while engaging with nature to ensure what we do will not have negative effects on environment.