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Life with COVID-19 Alert Level 4: Town Facility & Services Update

March 23, 2021

Indoor Facilities: In Alert Level 4 all Town Indoor Facilities are closed to the public. These include:
– Hubert A. Keough Municipal Building
– Town of Holyrood Public Works Depot (Including Depot Yard)
– Holyrood Fire Department
– Holyrood Heritage Museum
– Holyrood Public Library – Open for Curbside Pick Up Only. Wed 1-4pm Thurs 11-2pm Fri 1-4pm Sat 11-2pm. Call 229-7852 or email holyrood@nlpl.ca to place an order for pickup.
Outdoor Facilities: In Alert Level 4 all Town Outdoor Facilities are OPEN to the public. We ask everyone to please maintain social distancing at all times. These include:
– Holyrood Dog Park
– Salmonier Line Playground
– Marina Shores Playground
– Highland Park Playground
– Holy Cross Park and Loop Trail
– Beach Boardwalk and T’Railway
– Soccer Field (for snowshoeing)
– Centennial Softball Field (for snowshoeing)
– George Cove Mountain Trial
– Holyrood Festival Grounds (for snowshoeing)
Essential Services: Although all Town facilities are closed, essential services are on-going. These include:
– Water Testing
– Snow Clearing and Ice Control
– Curbside Garbage and Recycling
– Public Council Meetings (Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 2)
– Permits and Compliance Letters
– Property Tax Payments:
– VISA: Call 229-7252
– Cheque: Please use the Dropbox at 34 Salmonier Line or
mail to P.O. Box 100, Holyrood NL, A0A 2R0
– Email Money Transfer: Please email to info@holyrood.ca
Contacts: Please use 911 in the case of an emergency. For general inquires or if require assistance from the town please call 229-7252 or email info@hoylrood.ca.
Mental Health and Wellness: The outbreak of COVID19 may be stressful for people. You may be experiencing a high degree of uncertainty, worry, anxiety and stress about the health and safety of your loved ones, and how COVID19 may disrupt the lives of you and your family. Please visit the following Government link for a complete list of services that are always available to you.