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Important Sewer System Notice

June 16, 2022

On behalf of Mayor Goobie and Council, please note some issues on Main Beach Lift Station and recent problems

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Due to a mop head being put into the system, the main beach lift station has experienced another problem with the pump system.

The lift station consists of two chambers, a wet chamber and a dry chamber which are connected by two pipes on the bottom.

All the effluent flows into the wet chamber, goes through the two pipes to the dry chamber. Each of these pipes are connected to a sewage chopper pump that grinds the effluent and sends it to the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Tuesday morning while conducting daily checks of the lift station Public Works discovered that both pumps were not working. This caused the dry chamber to flood.

Public Works immediately called and acquired the services of a vacuum combination truck, this truck can be used as a vacuum or as a pump truck to jet out clogged pipes. The purpose of the vac truck was to pump the chambers down so someone could access the dry chamber and inspect the pumps.

was not working and tripped out, there was a mop head caught around the chopper blades which caused the pump to malfunction.

malfunctioned when the chamber filled with water.
It was also identified that one of the pipes from the wet chamber to the dry chamber was clogged with debris.

was fixed/reset and is now functioning as it should.

has been removed from the chamber; initial reports indicate the pump is totally destroyed beyond repair.

A rental pump has been secured and will be installed on Thursday June 16.

The combination truck(s) will be on site conducting work to keep the dry chamber clear as work is being conducted and to unclog the blocked pipe between the two chambers. At this time the source of the material causing the blockage has not been determined.

During these emergency operations the Public Works Department work diligently to ensure Town services are undisturbed by the work being conducted, however there is always a level of disruption which has to be expected and accepted as we work through the repair phase.

The Town of Holyrood appreciated the patience and cooperation of all residents as Public Works complete the necessary repairs.

The Town has secured 1.4 million dollars to address sewer system upgrade within the town through a multi year capital works program. This project will begin once the on-going sewer study is completed, and the Town considers its recommendations.

Please be assured, the Town is making every effort to make long term improvements in our sewer services in the Town. We all need to ensure we follow the guidelines for the disposal of items through our sewer system and not add things to the system which it cannot manage appropriately. Please refer to the attached information sheet.

Thank you for your continuous cooperation: Together we can move forward and continue to improve our services.