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Holyrood 50

In 2019 the Town of Holyrood is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary being incorporated as a town. Many may know it as Holyrood 50.

The town, sitting at the head of Conception Bay has a long maritime history dating back to its settlement in 1689. It was then our harbour offered a consistent supply of bait and began to service the fishing fleets heading to the Grand Banks. Holyrood has been the center for a number of firsts including first cold storage for seafood products in 1932; Newfoundland’s first and only rubber plant in 1954 and Atlantic Canada’s first refinery in 1961

The beginning of local government in Holyrood was initiated by the first Holyrood Local Improvement Trustee Board, who officially proclaimed Holyrood a district in 1962 This was followed by the second Holyrood Local Improvement Trustee Board in 1966 until the town was finally incorporated in 1969, with a mandate to provide meaningful and reliable services to all residents. The Town of Holyrood has continuously found a way to evolve, from a proud history to building an ocean innovation ecosystem, creating a sustainable and progressive future.

Join us for the many events over the course of 2019. We will have regular updates to the Holyrood 50 site with lots of new information and events. See the menu on the left for more information regarding Holyrood 50. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Holyrood 50 team at 229-7252 ext. 210 or email holyrood50@holyrood.ca anytime.


Message from Mayor Gary Goobie

What an exciting time to be in our beloved hometown of Holyrood as we celebrate the historic occasion of our 50th Anniversary of Incorporation and Come Home Year 2019!

The organizing committee has a wide range of events and activities planned throughout the year in recognition of our rich history and culture.
This year’s SquidFest will be incorporated into our Come Home Year celebrations, taking place from July 12-21.
For a complete schedule of events and updates, please see the events tab on this page.

On behalf of my Council colleagues, I want to offer a sincere thank-you to the committee members, support staff, business sponsors, community organizations and all volunteers who will make this Come Home Year a successful and memorable affair.
I encourage everyone to come out and join in the community spirit.
To all our former residents and your families returning for this special occasion, I want to say “welcome home”!
Enjoy everyone, and I look forward to seeing you all during the celebrations!

Mayor Gary Goobie


A Message from the Holyrood 50 Chair – Gus Hawco

Welcome to 2019 : A milestone year for the Town of Holyrood. We celebrate this Golden Anniversary of our Incorporation as a Town thanks to the Town Council was elected in 1969 led by Mayor Hubert Keough.

With the support of Mayor Goobie, Council and Staff together with the help of Community Groups and Volunteers, the Holyrood 50 Committee are planning to tell our story and celebrate the past 50 plus years. Activities will take place throughout the year with a major focus in the period from July 12th. – 21st.

On behalf of Council and the Holyrood 50 Committee, I encourage all Holyrood residents to get involved in the celebrations and to invite family and friends who may be living in other parts of the world to return home and celebrate with us.

Gus Hawco, Chair
Holyrood 50 Committee


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