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Holyrood Invites StartUps to Drop Anchor at The BeachHead

October 9, 2015

BeachHead (800x522)Standing on the wharf as spring approaches, the fresh, salt air in Holyrood is scented with a spirit of innovation and a “can-do” attitude that is becoming very attractive to local entrepreneurs and startups. And looking around the picturesque and active little town, there’s a lot to recommend it.

Roger Power, Co-founder of StartupNL says, it’s communities like Holyrood that recognize and support innovation who stand to gain the most from future growth opportunities. “Startup companies are by their nature fast to form and what we have been focusing on is a barrier-free entry point for them to set up their operations. What they need is a home — what we are calling the “Startup House” where most of their basic infrastructure needs are met — an office, event space, audio/visual connectivity and wifi. So they can concentrate on the task at hand, that of developing innovative new products and tools. Once companies establish a base of operations, they tend to grow organically into the broader business community. It’s natural. The BeachHead as a startup hub in an amazing local environment is exactly what enables these companies to form, develop and grow.”

Gary Corbett, CAO of Holyrood suggests that when you look long-term, it is obvious that assisting startups and helping small business get a foothold in the town today will pay dividends down the road. “There’s a saying, ‘the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago — and the next best time is now’. We feel that way about planting these seeds and nurturing innovation starting today.”

With the launch of The BeachHead in the Flagship Municipal Complex next week, the town of Holyrood is sending a clear signal that it is open for business. “It’s the next logical step in our long term vision to become a world-class center for innovation, with a focus on Cold Ocean and Arctic,” says Mayor Gary Goobie. “Within a 50km radius, we have some of the best research facilities and brightest minds in the world and we welcome them to drop anchor and come ashore right here in Holyrood.”

Power agrees, “We see what Holyrood is doing and we buy into the town’s vision. As an organization, we will be hanging the StartUpNL shingle at The BeachHead with the aim of helping companies develop and grow. And many of the rising stars right now are in the area of Ocean technologies, or Blue technology. So, we will have a presence here and quickly begin to deliver startup-oriented events related to ocean technology and to the broader innovative technologies sector.”

Randy Gillespie, Director of Cold Ocean Research at Marine Institute’s, Holyrood Marine Base (HMB) says, The BeachHead is already getting attention from some of the companies he’s working with. “Giving researchers and startups access to co-location spaces near our facility is a positive step and we certainly tip our hat to the town for recognizing the need – and seizing the opportunity.”

Meanwhile, back on the wharf at the site of MI’s proposed new 40,000 sq ft research facility and looking out through the magnificent Holyrood harbour, one gets a real — almost palpable, sense of optimism and positive energy.

It’s like you can see the future from here.


The BeachHead Innovation Center & Suites. 34 Salmonier Line, Holyrood. 709.729.2252.




Media Contacts:

Mayor Gary Goobie: Gary.Goobie@Holyrood.ca

CAO Gary Corbett: Gary.Corbett@Holyrood.ca

Roger Power: StartupNL [roger@startupnl.ca]