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Holyrood Fire Department Reminds People To Be Careful With BBQs and Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer.

May 15, 2020

Message from the Fire Chief:

With the warmer weather and people out barbecuing the Holyrood Fire Department would like to remind people to be fire safe.

Along with all present precautions to prevent fires and tragedy when barbecuing there are a couple of other fire hazards people should be aware of.

Whether they are cooking their own meal or having friends and family members over within the parameters of the provincial COVID – 19 preventative measures there are things people may overlook which could cause a fire Holyrood’s fire chief says.

One of the things many people may overlook is alcohol-based hand sanitizer which is flammable.

“Hand sanitizer is certainly alcohol based so you need to read the warning labels. Many tell you on their labels not to use it near an open flame. People need to know any type of alcohol will burn. “We are certainly aware of the potential (for fires) and we are hopeful people are mindful of it too.”

In order to be effective against the COVID – 19 coronavirus alcohol-based hand sanitizer has a high alcohol content and due to that purity can actually burn without a visible flame.
There have been instances in the United States where people have suffered severe burns from an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and then working around the grill.

Chief Bauer does not want to people to panic but wants to point out potential dangers.

In an appropriate quantity and proper use, you should have no problems.

Alternatives to alcohol-based sanitizer might be disposable hand or baby wipes or individual wash cloths which are not shared and later laundered appropriately.

If using disposable products at home or having a picnic elsewhere Chief Bauer says the product should be properly disposed of and not simply flushed down the sewer or tossed as litter.

“We don’t want to have the flip side of it as the disposable wipes take a long time to break down or have a lot of littering.”

Check out the video below about hand sanitizer and open flames.