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Holyrood Declares 2019 as a Come Home Year

May 17, 2018

In 1969, Mayor Burt Keough and his Council incorporated Holyrood as a new municipality in the province. 50 years later, the Town of Holyrood is planning a 50th anniversary celebration with a Come Home Year slated for 2019. Mayor Gary Goobie made the announcement to an excited room on Wednesday, May 16 as he unveiled the new Holyrood 50 logo.

Goobie promises a yearlong celebration that will commemorate the town’s history and heritage while they demonstrate their vision for the future in the ocean’s sector. While Holyrood 50 will see many events and celebrations throughout the year, there will be a special Holyrood 50 festival planned for July 12 – July 21 in the Town.

Goobie stated “Tonight I am very proud to announce 2019 as a come home year for the 50th anniversary of our incorporation as a municipality. In 2019 we will stop and take a moment to recognize and appreciate our past. We will stand still and absorb our present, and we will draw a deep breathe as we prepare for the future of this great Town. We are looking forward to welcoming everyone as they return home to Holyrood.”

Holyrood 50 Chairperson and former Town Councillor Gus Hawco said “With the help of Council, our Committee has a monumental task ahead. We want to capture our history going back as far as we can. Through Holyrood 50 we plan to record, share and celebrate this story of our past.”

The Come Home Year will also coincide with the province’s 70th year of confederation as a province of Canada. Residents, former residents and visitors can find information as it becomes available at the Town of Holyrood website and all Holyrood 50 social media platforms.