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Domestic Water Update

July 15, 2022

Water Supply Update

Unfortunately, the water tank capacity continues below 73%. The present water ban will remain in effect into next week and an evaluation of the water capacity will be reviewed on Thursday, July 21 or earlier if the data improves significantly.

The Town’s goal is to remove the ban as quickly as possible, however through our monitoring of well production and domestic usage, the town is using 20,000 – 40,000 gallons more per day than usual. Our data is showing there is an increased usage between the hours of 8:00 pm and Midnight.

Public works staff have worked diligently and have uncovered 2 leaks which were corrected. Currently, there is no sign of any further leaks, yet the water tank levels continue to be an issue. While the town may be experiencing increase domestic usage due to visitors returning to the town for summer events like Come Home Year and Squid Fest, this factor should not be creating the issue to the significant level we are experiencing.

Thank you

The Town thanks all residents who are honoring the water ban and who are doing their part to help alleviate this water supply issue. Council and staff continue to work diligently- day and night to monitor and protect our water supply to ensure residents have safe drinking water. We need everyone to cooperate. Every resident is required to recognize and accept that at present, the Town must be conservative with the water it has to ensure the problem is not compounded.

Please follow the water ban regulation and ensure you are not contributing to a problem which could have disastrous effects on your family and friends should the water issues become more serious. It’s not forever- it’s for now.

Water Ban Restrictions

  • No Filling swimming pools or hot tubs
  • No watering lawns, flowers, gardens, etc.
  • No washing vehicles, boats, trailers, or any other recreational vehicles
  • No washing driveways, parking lots, windows, siding, etc.
  • No running water hoses, sprinklers, or children’s water toys

The use of domestic, potable water is permitted for personal indoor use only.

Proactive Measures for Reliable Water Supply

The Holyrood Town Council recognizes and appreciates the need for safe, reliable water services for the residents of Holyrood. The basic need of safe, clean water is very important to every resident. In an attempt to take proactive measures to ensure the continued and improved water services, Council has taken significant steps to improve the water infrastructure within the Town.

Infrastructure Improvement Projects

Project #1- Water Tank Replacement

The Town of Holyrood has received funding under the Investing in Canada-Green Infrastructure Fund to construct one (1) new potable water tank and complete the required water main connections and control system upgrades to provide domestic and emergency storage capacity, and adequate fire flow to the Town and its residents. It is a 753,000 US Gallon Water Storage Tank to replace the existing tank. The project is ready for tender pending governments review of tender documents. The project is $1,603,968.48 with the Town assuming 10% of the expense and government providing 90%.

Project # 2- Water Main Extension

This project is also already approved through Multi-Year Capital Works (MYCW) and will extend the existing watermain approximately 800m on the Salmonier Line bringing the watermain closer to the supply location using North Arm River. This project is approved and is expected to be actioned in 2023. The cost of this project is $1,063,383.18 with the Town assuming 10% and government providing 90% of the costs.

Project #3- Environmental Registration

This project includes an environmental registration process by an external consultant. It will include design and construction of a new vehicle access road from Salmonier Line to the proposed intake location and a pedestrian access road from the proposed intake location to Island Pond. It will include 180m of watermain from Salmonier Line to intake site and design & install water intake system for future water treatment plant.

This project has been applied for under the Investing in Canadas Infrastructure Program (ICIP) and is being considered and evaluated by government. We anticipate approval in 2023. The cost is $718,476.45 with the Town assuming 10% of the expense and government contributing 90% once approved.

Project # 4- Water Treatment Facility

This project is also in the system with an application completed to build a new Water Treatment Facility including Commissioning & Scada. The funding requested is $2,050,000. The Town applied for this project under the 10/90 Investing in Canada Infrastructure program.

With the completion of each project, the Town moves closer to safe, reliable water services for residents.