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Infrastructure and Public Works

The Department of Infrastructure and Public Works Department is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the Town of Holyrood by providing the highest quality of Public Works Services, Facilities and Infrastructure to meet the demands of our growing, diverse community.

This Department is responsible for the following:

  • Road Maintenance
  • Snow Clearing and Ice Control
  • Water and Sewer
  • Water Conservation
  • Waste Management
  • Town Facilities
  • Beautification

Contact Us

The Department of Infrastructure and Public Works can be contacted by:

Mailing Address:

PO Box 100

Holyrood, NL AOA 2R0

Office Location: 34 Salmonier Line, Holyrood, NL

Municipal Depot Location:

3 Holyrood Access Road, Holyrood, NL

Gary Lewis – Director of Infrastructure and Public Works

Telephone: (709) 229-7252 ext. 215 Email: Gary.Lewis@Holyrood.ca

Public Works Crew

Cory Hepditch

Chris Kelly

Wayne Hynes

Harry Walsh

Plez Curl

Wayne Puddicombe

Matthew Penney

Edward Walsh

Brenda Gillingham

Matthew Simmonds

Vera Dunphy

Jim Wall

Brady Langdon

Brian Carey

William Young

Clem Whittle

Road Maintenance

The Department of Infrastructure and Public Works maintains and improves the Town’s road network to allow for safe and efficient movement of the travelling public. The Town maintains approximately 25 km of roadway.

Road maintenance generally consists of the upkeep of municipal roadways including but not limited to snow clearing, sanding, salting, surface repair, ditch maintenance, culvert maintenance, roadside mowing, brushing, shoulder repair, street sweeping, etc.

Water & Sewer

The Department of Infrastructure and Public Works operates and maintains the Town’s water and sewer services.

The Town of Holyrood is committed to providing residents of the town with clean safe drinking water. Water quality, water levels, and consumption are monitored very closely to ensure the water system is operating at an optimal level.

Our water distribution system consists of 7 artesian wells, a water treatment plant, water storage tank, pump houses, water mains, service lines, fire hydrants, valves and related infrastructure. The Town also has a portable water system in case of an emergency.

Our sewer distribution system consists of a sewage treatment facility, sewer mains, service lines, manholes, catch basins, 5 lift stations and 2 outfalls.

For water and sewer connection fees please refer to the Schedule of Rates and Fees (link to page) or call (709) 229-7252 for more information.

Snow Clearing

The Department of Infrastructure and Public Works is responsible for snow clearing, sanding and salting. The Town is committed to providing safe roads during the winter season and makes every effort to have the roads cleared in a timely, efficient manner.

Please refer to our Snow Clearing Policy and Regulations.

Water Conservation

The Department of Infrastructure and Public Works promotes water conservation in the town. Notices will be posted on the Town’s website and mailed out to residents.

Waste Management

The Town has contracted out household garbage collection/disposal and curbside recycling service.

Please refer to the Collection Schedule (link to page)

Note garbage must be out to the curb no later than 7 am on collection day. A limit of 5 garbage bags can be set out each collection day. No limit for recyclables.

Any complaints must be reported directly to Eastern Waste Management at (709) 579-7960.


In conjunction with the Department of Recreation and Tourism, the Department of Infrastructure and Public Works is responsible for developing, enhancing and maintaining town parks, playgrounds, trails, boardwalks, open spaces, swimming areas, festival grounds, and sports facilities.

Town Facilities

The Department of Infrastructure and Public Works operates and maintains several town facilities such as the Town Office, Municipal Depot, Fire Department and Public Library.