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Economic Development and Tourism Department

Strong economic development is the cornerstone of success and prosperity for any community. The Town of Holyrood employs an Economic Development and Tourism Coordinator with broad areas of responsibility for facilitation of new business development opportunities; tourism development; research development and marketing; and business retention and networking initiatives.

The coordinator works with various levels of government and explores ways to attract new business initiatives, expand the town\’s tourism potential and tourism season, support existing businesses and community groups to assist them in developing their full economic potential, and generally explore ways to secure more investment and provide greater employment opportunities for Holyrood.

The Town has a volunteer Economic Development Committee with the long range goal of developing a “strategic economic roadmap” for the Town.

Terms of Reference

COMMITTEE STRUCTURE:The assigned Councillor ( chair ) with the approval of council shall appoint a min. of 6 and a max. of 9 members . A vice chair and a secretary will be selected by the group. Scheduled meetings will held monthly (norm) with all minutes submitted to council. The appointed period will be 2 years.

OBJECTIVE : To identify opportunities for community economic development; develop a priority listing; and an action plan for implementation. Some specific goals as follows:

  • To review existing strategic economic plans / reports and identify key points of opportunity not yet addressed. Update present information with new opportunities.
  • To identify the potential areas for economic development .
  • To make recommendations on what is required to move economic opportunities in our town.
  • To review and put in place a model for economic development suitable for the town of Holyrood. Monitor and record progress of proposals as they are brought forward.
  • To bring forward ways that we can better market / promote our town for potential opportunities
  • Identify areas/ projects for tourism attraction and develop a longer term tourism master plan for our town
  • Complete a recreation plan for our town
  • Arrange meetings with reps. from all funding agencies so the committee can be versed on programs available
  • Identify short term initiatives / projects that can be worked on that would have immediate economic benefit. Ex. Gps/ digital mapping
  • Develop a promotion package to show incentives the town has to offer for new business.
  • Consult with existing business to get their views on operating in our town.
  • Hold meetings with HMPC to see how the town should  be working with them on development of the marina.
  • Provide an opportunity to discuss proposals for the new town plan
  • Meet with all committees of council for their views on opportunities within their areas
  • Look at ways on how development regulations can be refined to better suit the need of attracting new residents.
  • Seek public input on what key areas the town should be looking at for new opportunities.
  • To recommend a program for the past contributions of volunteers in our town.