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Budget 2014

Town of Holyrood Budget Approved
January 16th, 2014
Providing Quality Services Investing Strategically for Tomorrow.

 Holyrood Town Council passes a $2,864,824.19 budget for the fiscal year 2014.

2013 has been a year unlike no other. We have witnessed incremental and well-managed growth. Our award winning economic diversification strategies are beginning to resonate in the provincial and national markets.

Come Ashore is our call to action- a great place to Live, Learn, Work & Play.

Council remains committed to excellence in service delivery and managed growth that provides accountability through communication, consultation, and public engagement.

Council is strategically investing in our future as we work with companies, organizations, educators, students, researchers and entrepreneurs to Come Ashore in one of Canada’s most exciting opportunities in the emerging Blue Economy.

Council has strategically taken decisive action to ensure economic opportunities for 2014 and on into the future.

Focusing on economic diversification in a knowledge based economy fueled by oceans technology, Holyrood is positioning itself to compete in an ever changing and complex global marketplace. While others struggle to find their place; Holyrood is poised at the edge of opportunity and long term prosperity.

Council strives to meet the requirements and expectations of residents and businesses. Keeping pace with infrastructure demands is a constant financial challenge.

Budget 14 creates the opportunity to borrow $400,000 for specified projects. It financially positions Holyrood for approx. $6 million in Multi Year Capital Works, and $100,000 in Gas Tax projects.

Council has considered all of the options for revenue and expenditures and has presented the most acceptable budget for 2014.

Residential property will increase from 6.5 to 7.5 mils and commercial property from 9 to 10 mils. There are no other tax increases in Budget 14 and this council is making a commitment to the tax residents of Holyrood that there is no plan to increase taxes in 2015.

Increasing the mil rate in 2014, Council has developed the financial plan necessary to meet increases in waste management, fire services, transportation services, recreation, public works, and provides the opportunity for the town to address needs outside the budget.

Council remains committed to finding creative ways to address an extensive list of expenditures that have not been funded through this budget.

The rate of taxation is determined by the final expenditures budget. Council has included the best possible scenarios to continue to provide quality service and position Holyrood for strategic investment.

To view The Mayor’s Budget Speech, Budget 14, and The Schedule of Rates and Fees please see the links below: