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Beach Head Brewery- Discretionary Use

September 28, 2020

Beach Head Brewing Company (Beach Head), is a full-scale production and destination brewery with an emphasis on being a community hub and tourist attraction within the Town of Holyrood and the surrounding area. The owners bring with them exceptional brewing & business experience and are extremely excited to become a major part of the Town of Holyrood’s plans for the future.

Led by Brewmaster, Craig Farewell, Beach Head is planning a $3 million investment to construct a state-of-the-art brewery & taproom, that will blend seamlessly with the Town of Holyrood’s existing plans for the area. Craig is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and has been brewing since 2011, winning multiple brewing competitions along the way. Craig also leads the Newfermenters (an NL-based homebrewing club) and is the representative for the Atlantic Provinces & sits on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Homebrewers Association.

It should be noted that craft breweries have a significant financial impact on the communities in which they are based and the surrounding areas. On average, there is a 10:1 ratio of economic impact to initial brewery investment, making breweries among one of the most valuable economic drivers in communities across the country. Additionally, breweries are proven to produce three times the economic impact compared to restaurants and traditional bars within the community that they are based, with each brewery on average having an economic impact of $13.668 million. Beach Head projects to create a minimum of 8-10 net new jobs in the Town of Holyrood, and that number will grow during the peak summer months with seasonal positions added.

A major part of the craft beer culture is collaboration & giving back to the community, and Beach Head intends to make these points it’s key mandates. Beach Head intends to collaborate with local organizations, restaurants, businesses and individuals, to become a strong & contributing member of the community.

The entire team at Beach Head Brewing Company is excited to get started but more than anything, we’re excited to connect with residents, business owners and various organizations to build something amazing right here in Holyrood.

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