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4-Way Stop: Marina Shores

May 7, 2021

4-Way Stop Marina Shores
Safety for the residents of Holyrood is the highest priority of Council, as our Town grows the need for safe public transportation services increases.
Council has recognized the need for improvements through the evaluation of our present road network and have identified the intersection of McGrath’s Road, Oceanic Drive and Harbour View Drive in Marina Shores to be an area requiring consideration.
After a review of the street design and considering the concerns of residents in the area council has decided to install a 4-Way Stop at that intersection. Please refer to the diagram included for tonight’s meeting.
Initially the installation of the 4-way stop will be introduced as a pilot project to ensure the effectiveness of the initiative. During the months following the installation all correspondence and data obtained will be collected and reviewed by Council before a final decision will be made to have the intersection remain as a 4-way stop.