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Municipal Plan Amendment No. 3, 2017, Development Regulations Amendment No 5, 2017

September 1, 2017


Municipal Plan Amendment No. 3, 2017

Development Regulations Amendment No. 5, 2017

The public is invited to view a copy of the proposed Town of Holyrood Municipal Plan Amendment No. 3, 2017 and Development Regulations Amendment No. 5, 2017.

The proposed Municipal Plan Amendment No. 3, 2017, will amend Municipal Plan Policy, Open Space/Recreation by adding botanical gardens as a recreation use. The amendment will also re-designate 15 acres of land located west of Green Acres Subdivision and east of the Provincial T’railway from Residential to Open Space/Recreation.

Development Regulations Amendment No. 5, 2017, will add Botanical Gardens to the list of examples found in Section G for Non-Building Uses, Schedule B, the Classification of Uses of Land and Buildings; add agriculture as a Discretionary Use to the Open Space/Recreation Land Use Zone Table and re-zone the same area of land from Residential Low Density (RLD-1) to Open Space/Recreation and Planned Development Area (PDA) to Open Space/Recreation.

The amendments are required to allow for a botanical garden and recreation area including a picnic site and playground area in this area.

The amendments shall be on display at the Town Office during the week of August 31, to September 11, 2017, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm during normal business hours and available at the links below:



The public may provide any comments or concerns on the proposed changes to the Town in writing before Council proceeds with adopting the proposed amendment.

The deadline for written comments shall be 4:00 pm September 11, 2017.

More information may be obtained by contacting:

Town of Holyrood

 P.O. Box 100

Holyrood, NL

A0A 2R0

Tel: 229-7252

Fax: 229-7269

E-mail: Christa.Turnbull@Holyrood.ca