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George Cove Mountain Cross

November 6, 2014

George Cove Mountain Cross

As most people are aware, we have been experiencing further issues with the electrical at the George Cove Mountain Cross. Early this summer, the town spent approx. $2,500 to repair the electrical line and restore power to the cross.

The work completed was

  • Splice the neutral and attach conductors to the pole
  • Complete a voltage check to determine actually locations of issues
  • Climb the tower, recheck all wiring
  • Pick up and install new light bulbs and shades
  • Cut the trees lying against the main line

The Town has engaged NL Power subcontractor to determine the current issues and develop a cost analysis for the town’s consideration. The current problems identified:

  • All the new bulbs that were replaced are blown.
  • The main line from the start of tank road to the cross is frayed in sections and may need to be replaced.

To complete these repairs, it is outside the scope of town staff capabilities and due to safety concerns, the town must wait until the subcontractor is able to complete the work.

The Town has also requested from a local company to complete a structure analysis of the cross frame itself and several companies who visit the site were not prepared to permit their men to climb the cross until a structure analysis was completed.

We ask everyone’s cooperation that council has every intention of getting the cross functioning properly but it’s a time sensitive issue and we must wait until subcontractor is prepared to complete the necessary work.