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Come Ashore to Holyrood

The Once, Shanneyganock, The Masterless Men all headlining SquidFest28
Wednesday is Garbage Day in 2016
Emergency 911 Service
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  • Public Notices

    Forever Young Seniors Social is a GO!

    Forever Young’s annual Summer Social at the Holyrood Festival Grounds will go ahead 1pm Tuesday, July 26.    

    Development Regulations Amendment No 4, 2016

    The public is invited to view a copy of the proposed Town of Holyrood Development Regulations Amendment No. 4, 2016….

    Water Ban Issued for all Residents


    Water Shut Off

    5:15 pm- The plan is to have water restored in the area of 697-713 CBH in approx. one hour. 4:15 pm-…

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